About Event Nirvana

Event Nirvana encourages and educates couples to plan their weddings thoughtfully and peacefully.

Experience Event Planning Zen

As a newly engaged couple, the wedding planning process is a special, happy time. It can also be a confusing, emotional, and stressful time. The stress and happiness both start from the engagement, and sometimes, you don’t know where to begin planning this big event. The various emotions can be overwhelming. And, it’s not only your opinions that count, but your family and friends want to weigh in, which can sometimes be helpful, and sometimes just increase the confusion.

Event Nirvana is here to provide you relief. We coach and support you through the process, and focus on you. We are your personal wedding coach, friend, guide, and consultant. We celebrate the happiness with you, and can clear up the confusion along the way. We have 20 years of experience planning weddings. Experience means we have seen it all, understand it all, and fixed it all. Don’t you want an experienced, dedicated guide by your side?

In designing your wedding, we don’t just hand you a basic timeline. We listen to the specific needs of your wedding, and take into account all of the details. We plan the wedding, and manage the project. In planning so many weddings, we know that there are so many different aspects to take into consideration. There are pitfalls we have seen, managed and avoided, so our timelines and questions are designed to help you avoid these wedding planning pitfalls. If something does go wrong on the day of, our specialty is calmly handling anything that may occur, and to re-design the day to keep things running smoothly.

We will help you to keep your own wedding vision clear and focused. We can also handle “well meaning” family members and friends, and manage them with respect, and firmness, to keep your wedding day the way you have envisioned it.

Call us to enter wedding planning nirvana and feel the bliss. We are your wedding guru, your go-to sounding board, and your therapist. We are devoted to making your wedding planning process as enjoyable as possible by coaching you and providing you practical advice.

About Rashi

Rashi Shyam started planning weddings in 2002. Holding an MBA in Management and Marketing, she started the company because she liked planning, logistics, and beautiful weddings. The business has morphed since then not only to plan, but also to coach brides through the process of planning, talking to vendors, dealing with families, and working through overwhelming emotions. She is a coach for the couple and their families, and a team leader to the vendors to create a flawless, humane, and blissful planning process. Relax, be peaceful, and let the planner coach and counsel the couple and their families through the process. Hire Event Nirvana to have a beautiful, perfectly planned, happy event.