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When working in a corporation, large or small, your primary focus is your job, your product, and the needs of your client. We can produce notable events for your corporation while you are concentrating on your area of expertise. We can meet your needs either through Event Marketing or Event Management, or a combination of both. Event Marketing puts your brand center stage.  We can create the event, or put your company in the spotlight at an event that already targets your market.  We take care of all the logistics for you-from negotiation and pre-publicity all the way to breakdown. By matching your brand with the right event, customers see your product as in touch with their interests and lives.  Let us help you come up with a marketing strategy that will put your product or company in the forefront of your customers minds!

We can also create and manage a unique event that will showcase your product, and impress your clients.  All while keeping the bottom line in mind. Our specialty is developing and executing a theme that will wow your employees and/or your clients. We can create an atmosphere for you, or bring to life what your organization or client has in mind. You focus on your client or employees, and let us focus on bringing your vision to life, and handle all the logistics for the event. No project, or portion of your project, is too large or small for us to handle. We will be your partner in creating the event so you can focus on your tasks or your client. We will create the limelight that you and your organization will shine in!

Do you want your message or product to reach the very lucrative South Asian market?  Let us create a South Asian, Bollywood event, where your product will be the focus of attention!  From hiring trained Bollywood dancers, to inviting South Asian celebrities, nothing is impossible for Event Nirvana.

Weddings and Social Gatherings
Do you need to plan your wedding, or an exciting celebration,  but the stress of your life is preventing you from starting, or finishing? Concentrate on your job, or your family, or your life, and just relax.  We will take care of the rest.  Some people realize the process of planning one of the most important celebrations of your life is overwhelming when you do have to lead your life, and call us right away.  Others are knee deep in the planning process and call us when they realize they just can’t take it anymore.  Some people call us right before they tell off a “well-meaning” family member.  We are ready to plan with you at any stage of the game.  We will be your confidantes and guides throughout the process, and make sure it’s all flawless on the day.  Even your mother in law will be impressed.

We will execute your vision with precision, or create your vision for you.  We will make your party exciting and unforgettable.  Leave the work to us, tell us what needs to get done and we will do it, or tell us to create an extraordinary event for you.  And, we will do it.
We are not only South Asian and Indian wedding planners, but specialize in planning weddings that cross cultures as well.   Call us for packages.  We customize them according to your needs!

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